Our Team

Lily, Sharqui Fitness Instructor

Lily began bellydancing in 1997 in England, and studied with Melina and Amira Jamal after her return to the States.  She started performing regularly in 2002, and has danced at most of the restaurants and clubs in the Boston area.   In 2010 Lily moved to San Francisco, where she continued doing weekly restaurant performances while taking classes with Monica Berini.  After having her third child in 2013, Lily discovered SharQui bellydance fitness classes at her local gym - they offered a great workout while allowing her to continue to practice her dancing!  Soon Lily was attending twice weekly classes with the creator of SharQui, and she became a certified SharQui instructor in 2014. www.lilyadances.com 









Lisa, Studio Admin

Lisa joined the studio as a student in 2012 and joined the staff in 2014 as a Studio Assistant.  Being a "dancer" was a youthful flame in danger of being extinguished until her daughter took her to experience a Raq-On class for beginners, “I would have would have gone along thinking dance was reserved for trained professionals or nightclubs. But I was certainly proved wrong when I found the community at Raq-On. Plus, being new to a community isn’t easy, but here I was instantly welcomed into this amazing, supportive dance family.” Studying dance coincides with her love of studying folklore. Outside of dance, Lisa is a mother, wife, writer, and teacher, with a Master’s Degree in English. She feels strongly that studying the culture and meanings behind the dance is just as important as learning moves and choreography. Lisa, aka “Stella R. Night,” is also a member of the Vaudeville Vixens cabaret troupe who practice and perform at Raq-On.







Amity Alize, Instructor and Founder

Amity means "friend" in Latin, "truth" in Hebrew, and "peace" in most Middle Eastern and European languages. Alize means joyful. Amity Alize has studied Middle Eastern and Oriental Dances since 2001. Focusing on tying the folkloric and modern styles together through her own research, she travels internationally studying dance on an ongoing basis. Her mission is to empower others through performances, workshops, and classes to step out of their boxes, increase their self-esteem and positive self-image, live through the music, and most of all, just have fun and be authentically themselves.

As the founder and director of Raq-On Dance, Amity has taught over a thousand people to learn Belly Dance. Raq-On Dance Studio has won multiple arts and educational awards for programming in the Northeast. Preferred to be called a mentor, she encourages her students to study with various teachers and various styles in order to find their "own dance." In 2015 she was invited to teach and perform in Cairo, Egypt, as part of the Camp Negum Dance Festival.

She is the Director of the annual Shimmyathon Dance Festival and have hosted over fifty events including national and international dancers. She has written three ebooks on the business, teaching, and event management side of performing arts for dancers. 

Amity Alize performs at weddings, celebrations, theatre shows, fundraisers, and venues with Middle Eastern Bands. Her style can be best described as Classical Golden Era Egyptian fused with Vintage American Oriental. She manages Raq-On Dance’s student Troupe, the Raq-ettes, which perform folkloric and modern Middle Eastern Dance styles throughout the Northeast. FMI Visit raq-on.net